Art Basis

Art Basis is a platform founded with the aim to study the documentation of contemporary art and to foster research projects in art and the art production.


13 Hrachya Kochar Str., Studio 20
0012, Yerevan, Armenia


Institute for Contemporary Art - Yerevan
The International Association of Art Critics | Armenia

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Studio 20

Studio 20 – serves as a space for discussion, reflection, sharing and creativity. Studio 20 aims to provide a collaborative and informal platform for intimate gatherings, discussions, reflection, information exchange and production.

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Video Art Archive / VAA

ArtBasis initiated the ongoing project of Video Art Archive in 2015. The lack and inaccessibility of information on video works created in Armenian caused us to initiate an effort to create an archive of video art from Armenian artists. 

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Screenings and Conversations

Video Art Archive’s program “Screenings and Conversations” aims to question in the context of contemporary art how the moving image produces ways of thinking and to foster the creation of the critical discourse on moving image. The aim of the program is to readdress the content to which the artists working in Armenia in recent 25 years have referred in their art practices.


May 26 - Diana Hakobyan. The leap as the extreme movement
May 19 - Hovhannes Margaryan. New Political Art
May 12 - Harout Simonyan. Body in Movement

Art Data Bank

Art Data Bank is a platform that helps to arrange the ever growing number of exhibitions, events and biennales in an easy manageable way. It is a mapping process of art data that gives precedence to the open-ended structure and the navigation through adjustable data fields.


Art Schema

Art Schema is a tool for visual arts professionals to create structured data and manage their own websites.

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friendship becomes art
curator: Eva Khachatryanparticipant artists: Astghik Melkonyan, David Kareyan, Diana Hakobyan, Harutyun Simonyan, Mher Azatyan, Sona Abgaryan, Tigran Khachatryan, Vahram AghasyanJuly 15 - August 5, The Echo Museum, Yerevan, Armenia

Mary Mikaelyan. Unidentified Things
June 3 – 16, 2016, Studio 20, Yerevan, Armenia

Grigor Khachatryan / Im-potences: Power against Love 
curator: Nazareth KaroyanFebruary 29 – March 30, 2016, Club 11, Yerevan, Armenia
exhibition's public program
Mar 30, 2016 - The politicization of art against the aetheticization of politicsMar 23, 2016 - Foul language, demonstration of threat of violence or political correctness: around the relevance of the participation forms of civil protest Mar 16, 2016 - Multitudes / collective artworkMar 9, 2016 - Media traps or the demonstrativeness: voluntary-compulsory