The project of personal life which is well documented does not recognize unnecessary and unidentified things. Reviewing own personal archives lets to find images that have been left by accident and have not been erased. They do not have any documenting importance and the only reason they have not been erased is the constant lack of time.

These are moments that do not convey any meaning, are not necessary, are of no interest, that have passed without forming specific meaning and purpose. These are everyday failures, actions that have turned meaningless, losses of time.

At the same time isolating the pieces of reality from their functions and continuity and arranging them enables to examine their potentiality and exempt them from the everyday obligation.

The defined everyday periods of time and durations get the opportunity to go out from the recurrent cycle of beginning and end, and enter into new relationships with each other.

3 Juni, 2016 - 15 Juni, 2016