26 April, 2017 - 10 Mai, 2017
Momik Vardanyan
Studio 20

Daydreaming in the everyday is not consumable, it is a form of resistance to those systems of power which, in order to neutralize its potentialities, force to obey the logic of spectacle. 

The exhibition “You Are Not Alone” is Mher Azatyan’s personal space that he shares with people with the intention to create continuity to make daydreaming and fragments of dreams a substitute to the day-to-day reality. Is it possible to be in the domain of imagination and do it not in a systematized way with the aim of creating desires in the reality, but making the imagination itself the everyday and the reality? 

Equally for him and for those who approach the space of the artist’s imagination, the exhibition is the moment of that communication, of talking, conversing, dreaming in the situation which is detached from reality.

The artist invites to get into interaction with him and not with his images that are displayed - blurring the distance between art, the event and the artist.

The space to relate to one another is not the kitchen any more, where you could once hear political conversations and discussions, this is not the kitchen, which is the space for oppression, this is the space that is not in sync with the pace of modern life. Here are the fantasies in the images of light and the sky. 

With this glance there is a contradiction between the sky, that has no limits, and the kitchen - which besides being a comfortable and a secure area does not let to forget the everyday. At the same time it is difficult to demarcate where the anxiety and the tranquility are in this case – in the images, or in the created environment. It seems that the images refer more to outside occurrences that are however part of the everyday. Here there is the personal which is eventually the same for us all and is the opportunity to understand each other. It doesn’t matter whether it is an opposition, or a continuation, or a complement, Azatyan lets the details to help find a way of living that does not discriminate between the more important and the less important, a way of living that wants an attention – in a quiet and intimate environment. And he tries to create that environment, where one can be found with one another, and not with the images and the created environment.