May 22, 2020

Is there any meaning today for artists to reclaim dominant forms of art-dissemination and art-visiblization such as ‘the biennale’? This is one among many of the questions this Artist-run Yerevan Biennale wishes to ask. Implicitly, there is also a question of care, who are the actual care-givers and care-takers of art, of our common life?

Organizing this biennale in this moment - when new insidious top-down forms of care are being rehearsed by states and the capital they serve - also calls into question the capacity for communities to establish in their own terms the necessary moments/modes of distance, from what and for what?

Lastly, this biennale would like to create instances to consider or struggle together against the more insidious contagions which are in our midst (individualism, careerism, opportunism, self-enterprising, competition, homo-economicus, new forms of extractivism, enclosure of commons, privatization of common life, etc.).

Yerevan Biennale is artist-run.

Artist-run Yerevan Biennale does not have predefined content, it will be created during the processes.
The events planned in the frames of Artist-run Yerevan Biennale will take place on different temporal and spatial planes.

Tigran and Harut initiated an exhibition, during the conversation with friends an idea came up that it is the Yerevan Biennale, around which there have been conversations among artists for years.

With participation of:

Vigen Tadevosyan
Lilit (Ella) Zakaryan
Davit Kareyan
Diana Hakobyan
Vahram Aghasyan
Grigor Khachatryan
Harut Simonyan
Mher Azatyan
Tigran Khachatryan
Karine Matsakyan
Eva Khachatryan
Arman Grigoryan
Karen Andreassian
Sona Abgaryan
Astghik Melkonyan
Ara Hovsepyan
Lilit Antonyan
Grigor Simonyan
Levon Sargsyan
Arthur Sharoyan
Evelin Kareyan
Samvel Hovhannisyan
Arthur Vardanyan
Ara Petrosyan
Garik Yengibaryan
Marusya Sepkhanyan
Mary Mikaelyan
Gagik Charchyan
Anna Barseghyan
Hamlet Hovsepyan
Milena Adamyan
Zara Harutyunyan